Technical Data


  • 6m working width
  • 200 l pesticide tank + rinse tank
  • 3 cameras for weed detection at variable speed and cornering
  • Up to 12 km/h travel speed
  • 90 individually controllable flat spray nozzles
  • Spray width per nozzle 70 mm
  • Exact ground adaptation and consistent
    spray height due to movable spray bars
  • User-friendly control terminal
  • Compact design
  • Optimization for each crop
  • Hydraulic folding and unfolding
  • Insight into the work process while driving

Image Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to learn from experience, adapt to incoming information and tackle tasks that require human-like thinking.

Image Recognition

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to learn from experience, adapt to incoming information and tackle tasks that require human-like thinking.

Targeted Treatment

Structure and Functions

Plant Detection

When a plant is detected during travel by the image recognition system, the necessary spray nozzles open as the spray boom is reached to fully coat the dockweed plant with pesticide. This process works with cornering and varying travel speeds. Due to the individual nozzle control, the minimum spray width is 70 mm. This allows even the smallest leaves to be sprayed accurately.

Control Interface

The control interface allows travel and spray data to be displayed in detail. It also allows spray parameters to be adjusted and maintenance functions to be retrieved. Control of the pesticide sprayer is still very simple. Once the power take-off shaft rotates and the machine is on the ground, the image recognition system is automatically started. The status of the image recognition system is indicated by a warning light that can be easily seen from the tractor cab.

High-End Technology

To process our complex neural networks in real time, we have developed the most powerful hardware by far for our sprayer. With 100 TFLOPS (trillion operations per second), our camera has a performance on a whole new level and is also extremely robust and insensitive to external interference.

Requirements for the Tractor

An integrated power unit reduces the requirements for the tractor to a front lift and a front power take-off. Tractors from the low-power segment can be used to operate the pesticide sprayer.

Ground Adaptation

To achieve this precise spraying result, the spray booms are flexibly mounted and equipped with side feeler wheels. These allow the nozzle spacing to the object to be sprayed to remain constant, especially in uneven terrain. In addition, the treated area is detected by the outer feeler wheels' wheel tracks.

Compact Design

By hydraulically folding the spray booms, the pesticide sprayer becomes a compact unit measuring 1.70 x 2.50 m (L x W). With adjusted feeler wheels and unfolded support wheels, the folded sprayer can be easily maneuvered by hand.

Order now and secure funding

Order by December 31, 2024, and save money! With the Bavarian Special Program Agriculture Digital (BaySL Digital), the State of Bavaria promotes investments in the digital field, including those that drastically reduce the use of pesticides. From now on, the state will cover 10,000 euros of the purchase price when buying a RUMEX pesticide sprayer. For more information, visit: BaySL Digital

In Hesse, the machine is funded by the "Funding of Digitalization in Agriculture" program with 40% of the net investment amount. More info: LLH Hessen

3D View

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